What Else Can Your Payment Terminal Do for You?

April 1, 2019

There are many devices or tools that businesses need to keep operations running smoothly that are only functional for one task. Whether it’s a hanging rack at a retail store, or a glass cleaner behind a bar, these tools don’t necessarily offer a multi-purpose experience; payment terminals however don’t have to fall into this category.

A payment terminal can be more than a business tool that lets your customers pay with debit and credit. In fact, your payment terminal can enhance your customers experience in your store with a few simple software upgrades or add-ons. If you’ve been wanting to make the most of your payment terminal, consider what else it can do for you and your customers.

Allow International Customers to Pay in Their Own Currency

A major consideration for all travelers is how they’re going to pay for items while in a foreign country, and the safety considerations that come with it. Not everyone wants to travel with significant amounts of cash on their person, nor does everyone feel comfortable converting dollars to their home currency while they travel. This is where your payment terminal can do double duty, and can offer customers a way to pay in their own currency while away.

By adding on a solution like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), international customers can pay in their local currency right on the payment terminal. Supporting over 90 global currencies and offering comparable conversion rates, this is just one way that your payment terminal can do double duty to offer customers a unique and helpful experience.

Allow Your Business to Offer New Products

A payment terminal can do more than just accept payments, it can also offer you an entryway into an entirely new product  – gift cards! Gift cards may not be an item that you consider part of your product lineup, but you may want to. 81 per cent of Canadians think gift cards are a good gift, and you could be missing a revenue opportunity without them.

Thankfully, adding gift cards into your product lineup can be simple if you already have a Moneris payment terminal. These cards seamlessly integrate with the terminal you already have, making it easy to load money onto them and use them as a payment method. If you want to learn more about our Gift Card program, make sure to read more here.

If you want to learn more about payment terminals, make sure to check out our articles How Did We Get Here? The History of Payment Terminals and Wireless vs Wired Terminals: Which is right for you?

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