What is “Line Busting” and Should You Be Doing It?

April 8, 2019

Line busting is a phrase that most business owners will run into from time to time, especially around peak shopping seasons when checkout lines get longer and longer. But without the knowledge of what it actually is, how can you know if it’s something that you should actually implement at your store? If this term has perplexed you in the past, we’re here to explain exactly what it means and if you should be doing it.

What is it?

Line busting is the process of shortening or eliminating checkout lines by removing customers from the main line and allowing them to pay at an area removed from the main checkout; this could be a side counter or additional area. Though some businesses have a line busting system all year, most businesses use this tactic during the busy shopping seasons like back to school or the holidays when shoppers are in a rush and long lines can deter them from shopping at a store. Line busting is a direct way to combat long checkout lines, and helps to enhance the overall customer experience.

Should you be doing it? 

Line busting can benefit a number of businesses, and it’s a good idea to consider whether it’s something that you can utilize. Most importantly, you need to determine if you have enough customers to warrant a line busting system at your business. Reflect on your busiest days last year: were the checkout lines overwhelming? Did you notice customers getting frustrated with the amount of time they spent in line? Did you spend more time apologizing for the wait in line than happily greeting customers? If this sounds like your business, then line busting may be exactly what you need to give your customers a better in-store experience. 

To make the most out of line busting, there’s a few things a business should have.  

  • Enough staff to dedicate someone to line busting, as well as the main checkout line and in-store help.
  • An area that can be dedicated to being a line busting checkout, stocked with carryout bags and stationary.
  • The right payment tools so that line busting can be done effectively.  

When you have these things, line busting is a simple sales tactic that you can integrate into your business.

Tools to Use

When it comes to processing payments during line busting, the payment terminal you’ll need will depend on how your additional checkout is set up. If you plan to put a full POS solution or computer at the line-busting checkout, a countertop or wireless terminal could be the right solution. However, if you just want to utilize a small additional countertop without the commitment of a full computer, a tool like PAYD Pro could work perfectly. PAYD Pro is a mobile PIN pad that connects to most mobile devices, so Sales Associates can use this tool to process a payment quickly nearly anywhere in the store. Both of these tools will allow you to have a line busting system in place to keep customers happy.

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The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, business or other professional advice or an endorsement of any of the websites or services listed. 

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