What You Missed: Moneris at NewCo Toronto 2017

September 21, 2017

NewCo Toronto 2017 has come and gone. NewCo produces festivals and events throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America which connects participants to influential businesses and organizations, and allows them to learn directly from founders and top executives. If you weren’t able to snag a seat at our panel, we have a recap of some of our favorite quotes from our speakers. This year, our experts discussed how payments evolve with the changing technology landscape.   

Our speakers included:

  • Shem Ali - VP, Cloud Mobile & Emerging Solutions
  • Joe Belinsky - VP, Technology Infrastructure
  • David Gale – VP, Core Payment & Business Platforms
  • Doug Hatton - VP, Terminal Platforms

And was moderated by: Aimee Lazarus – Director of Communications.

On Offering Merchants Processing Options:

“When you think of things like Amazon Go, those are really positioned against merchants. Our view around that is, merchants drive the retail experience. We’re there to basically say, we’re here what do you want to do? We have in-app payments, we have global payments, we have solutions with other infrastructure and we can innovate that. Whereas some other players only have one solution, so [they say] if you can’t come to us for E-Commerce we really can’t help you with this one. Our view is that, we have to do that across all channels and all platforms. […] So that’s our approach to the market.” Joe Belinsky - VP, Technology Infrastructure. 

On Business Partnerships:

“ We value partners and we tend to look at them in terms of their capabilities for automation. So with a lot of these partnerships the idea is that we can onboard merchants a lot faster. So if a merchant approaches us and they want to connect their accounting system that they have with a payment, well that sounds like a custom job so there’s a lot of deployment time. They might work with someone on the developers’ team to actually get that connected, but if we can partner with major providers that are out there, and automate that flow so when someone in the buying stage wants to make a payment, they click a button and that becomes Moneris. They don’t need to approach us separately, it can all be streamlined.” David Gale - VP Core Payment & Business Platforms

On Small Business Fraud and Safety: 

We offer a lot of products now to help relieve the small business of the security aspects of transactions. So today you can do those transactions without ever touching a card. So a card number, that’s not something you need to store. Someone can leverage our security to do that for you.” David Gale - VP Core Payment & Business Platforms

“One of the products that we have, is a hosted pay page. Say you want to set up a store website, we would be the actual page that accepts the card, hosted by Moneris. So your site never actually sees the card. We bring you to the page, you put in your card, and you’re sent back to the site.” Shem Ali - VP, Cloud Mobile & Emerging Solutions


Hoping to catch us at another event? We’ll be at CIX Fintech October 17th at the Hilton Toronto with Shem Ali and Patrick Diab discussing understanding the evolving payment technology landscape in Canada. Hope to see you then! 

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