Why Gift Cards Are The Perfect Choice This Holiday Season

November 9, 2016


Gift cards are a popular choice for both gift-givers and receivers, with 38 per cent of consumers having them as the number one item on their holiday wish list.1

Gift cards are also a popular choice with business owners. They help increase sales, with 43 per cent of customers who received a gift card spending on average 32 per cent more than the initial value.2 They also encourage repeat visits as customers might not always spend the total value of the gift card in one visit. And as long as a customer has a gift card in their wallet, they’ll be reminded of that business every time they open it up.  

With the busy shopping season just around the corner, there are some customers that rely on gift cards to complete their holiday shopping lists. Let’s take a look at some the most common customer profiles and why offering them gift cards just makes sense.

The Indecisive Shopper

You’ll know when a shopper is indecisive because they’ll look at every item, but none of them will be ‘quite right’. Don’t let these customers get away because they can’t find the right gift. Instead, offer them a gift card so the person they are shopping for can choose their own item. This will help create a positive shopping experience for these customers, especially when they start getting overwhelmed with all the options.

The Last Minute Gift Shopper

Every business owner has seen it, the shopper that walks in quickly, frantically, and just before your store closes. They’ll have no idea what they’re looking for, but they’ll want it fast. Gift cards are a perfect option for these folk as they are quick to buy, easy to wrap, and work for any gift giving situation. The added bonus? It’ll help you finish the transaction quickly so you can close the store on time.

The Confused Coworker

It’s getting close to that time of year where many offices start their holiday gift exchange. You’ll get customers coming in, confused by the person they’ve drawn for the gift swap. Does the person they’re shopping for like books, or movies, or anything? This is where gift cards really shine. They can’t buy the wrong item for someone when they get to choose it themselves!

Keep your eye open for these types of customers this holiday season and prepare to make their day by offering them a gift card. If you currently don’t offer gift cards, don’t worry – you still have plenty of time to get ready for the busy holiday shopping season. You can be up and running with your own custom designed gift cards within a week3. Learn more about the Moneris Gift Card program.

Did we also mention that if you order your gift cards by December 9, 2016, you’ll receive 25% off of your first gift card order4? What are you waiting for!


1 Source: Deloitte Annual Holiday Survey, 2015. 2 Moneris Small Business Gift Card Program Data, 2015 3. Maximum delivery time of one week from date artwork approval is received. Must provide a valid address and be available to sign for package containing Gift Card order. Orders with non-standard card printing specifications or exceeding 5,000 Gift Cards may require additional time. 4. Offer applies to all Gift Card orders until December 9, 2016. Must be a party to a Moneris Gift Card Agreement which contain the terms and conditions applicable to Gift Card orders and services. This offer is not transferable, not valid with any other Gift Card offers and subject to withdrawal or modification at any time. Must order at least 200 Gift Cards to qualify for the discount. This offer applies to only the per card fee and does not apply to any other applicable fees in the Moneris Gift Card Agreement or other Moneris agreements. The discount is limited to one order per customer during the offer period.

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