Why You Should Consider an iPad POS For Your Business

Keeping your business up to speed on the current trends and the latest technologies is an important part of ensuring success. But when you look for areas of the business to advance, have you considered your checkout area and payment system? You’ve likely visited a store that utilizes iPad® point of sale solutions, you may have even considering how they would work for your own storefront. The decision to upgrade from a traditional cash register to an iPad® POS can seem daunting, but it can actually be very simple when you partner with the right provider.

There are many reasons why now is the perfect time to make the change to an iPad® POS solution, and we’ve outlined our favourites below.

iPad POS Solutions Make Data Organization Easy

Do you have a streamlined way to organize your business’ data? Storing customer data, sales information, product data, and other important numbers is difficult without the proper tools. Whether you need to retrieve a past receipt for a customer making a return, or are trying to analyze which of your products is selling the best, it is important that you can get this information fast. This can be difficult with a standard cash register, as you will need to utilize additional programs or organizational systems just to keep this information organized.

An iPad® POS may help to securely store information and makes it easily accessible. Customer management, real time reports, and even inventory data is stored and organized for ease of use and quick retrieval. Your iPad® POS is more than a checkout terminal, it’s a tool that may remove the need for folders and cabinets of paper documentation.

Adapt to the Changing Customer Experience

Shoppers now expect the customer experience to be as good as the products and/or services themselves. Forbes noted in a 2017 study that “[i]mproving the payment experience through self-checkout kiosks and advanced digital payment technologies is essential to keeping the millennial shopper.”

Keeping up with modern advancements in the payment experience will help ensure that you meet the requirements modern shoppers have. iPads® not only do this from a visual perspective, as they clearly look and feel advanced, but they use advanced software that helps alter the overall customer experience. For example, our iPad® POS for restaurants features items like the ability to assign orders to seats, send orders wirelessly to the kitchen, split bills directly on the iPad and more.

Traditional Cash Registers are Slowly Disappearing 

As customers continue to adapt to more advanced shopping and payment experiences, the use of cash continues to decline. Moneris even predicted that by 2030 cash purchases will make up only 10% of money spent in Canada.

This means that businesses need to quickly ramp up their ability to accept cards and contactless payments throughout the store, and will potentially be saying goodbye to their cash register at the same time. An iPad® POS solution integrates with our terminals, allowing customers to pay exactly how they want to, without cash.

Change is Easier Than You Think

You might think upgrading to an iPad® POS solution would pose many challenges. You may have concerns about installation, training or ongoing support. But with Moneris, we make the transition to an iPad® POS solution easy.

Our team will help you find the right hardware and software plans for your business needs and goals. All businesses can benefit from our Moneris Concierge service, with a dedicated, single point of contact who will help guide you through the process of confirming your order and setting up installation services or shipping details. Restaurant merchants are given training for the platform directly with a TouchBistro agent. Merchants in other industries utilizing Moneris’ PAYD Pro Plus® will be given a brief, complementary overview of how to use the app and accept payments in-person.

To learn more about our iPad payment solutions, take a look at our iPad® for retail and iPad® for restaurant pages!


The information contained in this blog is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal, financial or other professional advice

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