Your Options for Mobile Card Readers in Canada

Starting your own business brings with it many unique challenges, but one of the most important you have to figure out is the question of how you’ll get paid. In order to accept payments wherever and however your customers want to pay, a mobile card reader is the best solution for small business owners. There are a variety of different mobile card reader types that may work best for you, from standard card readers to advanced PIN Pad solutions, so it’s important to understand which will work best for your business. 

Card Reader

The card reader is a small but mighty solution for processing credit card payments almost anywhere. This device plugs into the headphone jack of the smartphone, enabling credit cards to be swiped. Standard card readers are typically paired with a mobile app from a payment processing company, so that daily totals and other information is stored for your use. Because these apps utilize smartphone data for processing payments, they can be used almost anywhere your phone works. Many card readers and payment apps, including the Moneris® PAYD®, can email or text your customers their receipts for an easy and eco-friendly billing solution.

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Contactless Reader

A contactless reader is an upgrade to the basic card reader, with a device where credit, debit and contactless payments under $100 can be processed. The contactless reader pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth® to create a wireless connection, eliminating the need to be plugged in directly, but still working off your phone’s data plan. It can run off battery power for on the go transactions or charge on a dock if you’re stationary. With the growth in popularity of contactless payments such as tap, Apple Pay® and Google Pay™, more and more shoppers are going to be looking to use their mobile devices to pay, and you can be ready.

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As your business grows and you want to be able to accept a larger variety of payments including debit, Apple Pay and Google Pay, a PIN pad can be a great option. The PIN pad connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth or high-speed Wi-Fi and can be used wherever your business takes you. The PIN pad offers a higher level of security than other mobile devices due to the verification requirements of putting in a PIN. This solution provides more accessibility than a card reader, but maintains the adaptability and convenience that mobile payment readers can provide.

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With all the payment options available to small business owners, Moneris is here to help. To learn more about the best payment solutions for your business, make sure to take a look at our articles The Best Online Payment Methods For Your Business and 5 Reasons Why Merchants Choose Moneris.

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