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25 LOW-COST MARKETING IDEAS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS P.2 > Why Marketing is Important? Marketing helps you brand your company, which, in turn helps people recognize your business. It also helps you to connect with potential customers and build relationships with existing ones. Marketing can be used to share company news or conduct market research. Marketing can take on various forms, including public relations and press releases, advertising, social media and internet marketing. Who Should Do Your Marketing? The answer to this question depends on several factors: Many small business owners are solopreneurs, and therefore do all of the tasks required to run a business. That might actually get your marketing put on the backburner, though, since you may be juggling so many things, you have trouble finding time to commit to growing your business. You may be better off hiring a part- or full-time employee, freelancer, or marketing agency to handle your marketing if you can't take it on yourself. The key is finding someone to be responsible for it so that it gets taken care of. NOW LET'S DIVE INTO THOSE LOW COST MARKETING IDEAS! How much time and inclination do you have to put into marketing? How much money do you have to hire someone else to do it?

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