From the Experts: What Mobility Looks like in 2016

March 31, 2016


We can diagnose car troubles and get to the root of that pesky “Check Engine” light.  We can mow our lawn without even moving.  We can even monitor our heart rate and produce an ECG.

All of these things are now made possible via your smartphone.  These days, we do nearly everything via our mobile device.  To remain successful in years to come, businesses really need to take note of how mobile consumers have become.

Check out these quotes from leading mobile experts who shed some light on how businesses will need to strategize to go mobile in 2016.


“We are no longer in a mobile first world, we are in a mobile-only world.” – Larry Page, Google

larry-page-monerisMobile users who find a business online have a conversion percentage nearly three times higher than the same search done on a desktop or laptop.  For businesses, mobile accessibility is perhaps the most essential part of business in 2016 and beyond.  Businesses that have resisted the adoption of mobile now have no choice. Today, mobile is more than just a means for increasing customer interaction; a business must also cater to mobile employees and business partners that demand efficient and productive accessibility on the go.


"To take advantage of [mobile] in a huge way, you have to rethink everything. The best companies will be the most mobile." – Tim Cook, Apple

tim-cookApple has focused a great deal of recent innovation on mobile tech and delivering more enhanced accessibility to consumers. Cook points to this type of thinking as a crucial element for meeting the needs of today’s mobile users and professionals. Apple has seen tremendous success by evolving Apple Stores to feature a mobile, iPhone-based checkout system and Cook suggests that successful businesses will be similarly rethinking their business models to include mobile wherever, and whenever, possible.


“Retail expectations have really changed. Today, merchants want their business apps to be like consumer apps - easy, intuitive and user-friendly.” – Rob Cameron, Moneris

rob-cameron-moneris-mobility-2016A great deal of time is spent thinking about the customer experience, but solution providers (like Moneris) also have the important job of delivering an exceptional merchant-facing experience.  Whether the solution is payment processing, shipping fulfillment, or simply inventory management, merchants want to perform these operations via tools that offer the same ease-of-use as they see with their leisure apps.  Instead of featuring back-end, grainy functionality, solutions should be evolving to meet the changing needs of busy merchants that are increasingly more mobile.


“Being an active participant in the ecosystem is essential. The ultimate goal is ubiquity for clients – making mobile payments secure, relevant and convenient across all devices, all carriers, all payment networks and all wallets.”– Linda Mantia, RBC

linda-manthia-rbc-mobile-monerisThis is an exciting time in commerce enabled by the powerful mobile device. We are beginning to see the potential, as key industry leaders begin to collaborate with each other, and with non-traditional fintech companies, to develop great client experiences while maintaining security principles to ensure clients can expect the same or better level of security and convenience with mobile payments that they already enjoy with Chip & PIN.

“Smart brands will continue to create campaigns through this connected-consumer lens, and the confluence of product, marketing, technology, and other driving functions will be more important than ever -- as it’s this blurring of the lines that will enable these richer consumer experiences.” – Raja Rajamannar, MasterCard

raja-rajamannar-mastercard-monerisRajamannar notes how traditional B2C communication channels have become intertwined with mobile connectivity and technology, and describes today’s consumers as “connected-consumers.”  Successful businesses will take advantage of this dynamic to find new and creative ways to interact with customers in 2016 and beyond.




“Going mobile is not just porting a legacy application to a mobile device, but rather evolving applications continuously to be ready for the latest mobile devices of today and the unforeseen devices of the future. It is also rethinking your applications and business operations in a mobile centric world.” – Malcom Ross, Appian

malcolm-ross-appian-moneris-mobilityThe need to have a mobile strategy should not be outweighed by the basic need to go mobile.  In other words, companies should approach mobile connectivity as an integral part of long-term business success, not just developing an app with their name on it.  As mobile devices (and users) evolve, businesses should be looking to implement mobile strategies that support the evolution of mobile for both consumers, and their business partners.


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