Android Pay™ Readiness [Checklist]

May 31, 2017


Update: On February 20, 2018, Google replaced Android Pay and Google Wallet with a single payment service, Google Pay. Learn more about Google Pay here!

Google™ introduced Android Pay™ in Canada and businesses ready to accept it are helping their customers to make faster and more convenient payments.  

Migrating to new technology can be a frustrating process, fortunately for Canadian retailers the set up and acceptance processes of Android Pay is easy.

To better understand how to accept Android Pay, take a moment to review our checklist: Android Pay Readiness.

Step 1 – Check your terminal

If you currently accept tap-based payments, you’re set up to accept Android Pay.

All Moneris® terminals shipped today use Near Field Communication (NFC), also known as contactless technology. This is a small chip inside the payment terminal that communicates with the customer’s mobile device. It transfers encrypted card data between the two devices to complete a transaction and the customer is on their way within seconds.  

Step 2 - Train employees

Moneris recommends that frontline staff be able to explain the basic functions of Android Pay to customers, including set up:  


(Image 1: How to set up Android Pay)

Accepting Android Pay is no different than accepting a traditional contactless card. Employees will simply follow the prompts on their payment terminal to complete the transaction. It’s that simple.  

Step 3 - Consult with your payment provider

Businesses that have a payment device that is NFC-capable but not activated to accept contactless transactions can call a Moneris Representative at 1-866-319-7450 to activate. Reinitialize the terminal and you will be ready to accept Android Pay today.

Businesses that have a payment device that is unable to accept contactless payments can call their Moneris Representative to schedule a device swap.  

Businesses with an online store can also use Android Pay by integrating in-app payments into their mobile app. An Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) are available on the Moneris Developer Portal to help businesses integrate Android Pay acceptance into their existing payment solutions. With this option, businesses may benefit from reduced cart abandonment and a faster checkout process.

Step 4 - Promote, promote, promote

Once your terminal is ready to accept Android Pay, let your customers know!

  • Free Android decals for your business’ checkout counter, windows and doors are available, all you have to do is fill out your business details and Google will ship the decals to the specified location.
  • Send an email newsletter announcing your readiness for Android Pay  
  • Announce Android Pay acceptance on your business’ social media channel and/or website


To learn more about Android Pay, be sure to check out our blog: Top Five Questions About Android Pay.

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