Are You Missing Out on Tourist Sales?

April 7, 2015

With summer approaching, it’s smart to start planning ahead for vacation season to make sure your business is ready in time for incoming tourists. To meet the growing demands of Chinese travelers coming to Canada, Moneris has partnered with UnionPay® to enable the acceptance of UnionPay cards. As the preferred card choice in China, UnionPay is one of the largest cards in circulation globally with over 4.7 billion cards issued.

Accepting UnionPay cards allows merchants to offer more payment flexibility to their customers, with a competitive advantage over other businesses, especially those operating in the travel and tourism industry.

“We have seen tremendous growth in the number of Chinese visitors coming to Canada for work, travel and study,” says Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales and Relationship Officer. “UnionPay card acceptance helps merchants meet the growing demand for Chinese visitors’ payment method of choice and provides them with a greater business opportunity.”

In addition to tourists, many international students come to Canada for post-secondary education. Between adjusting to a new school life and schedule, offering international students the ability to make purchases with a familiar payment card can help create a good customer experience and build loyalty to your business.

As we prepare for the busy tourist season, enabling international card brands like UnionPay opens up more opportunity for merchants to service their customers. As the demand for businesses to offer more diverse payment options grows, partnering with card brands like UnionPay is part of Moneris’ dedication to providing unique solutions for every business need.

For more information on UnionPay, visit here.

UnionPay infographic: 500,000 reasons not to ignore Chinese tourism


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