Close Angry Birds and Open This: An App to Manage Your Business

January 15, 2016


Frank Wallace arrives at his downtown Vancouver toy shop each morning and after unlocking the door, he unlocks his iPad.

Frank isn’t interested in checking the news (he read that over coffee already) and he isn’t booting up his iPad to update his Facebook status.  Frank uses his iPad as a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution to handle sales transactions, but it’s also his most important business tool. 

This integrated mobile solution also helps Frank to process sales, manage inventory and view customer buying trends.  Let’s take a look at a typical day for Frank, his trusty iPad, and his business using PAYD Pro Plus solution.

Cash Flow

He starts the day by cashing in and counting his opening till float (the cash with which he begins the sales day). This allows precise monitoring of the money coming in and out of his business throughout the day.

Since getting paid is the most important part of a sale, Frank’s payment processing solution is compatible with his iPad.  This means that Frank can process Interac® Debit and credit cards all from the iPad. That’s right – Frank can process a transaction from just about anywhere in his store.

Bonus: He can email receipts to customers as soon as the transaction is completed.



Frank then checks his inventory on the iPad.  He has access to such features as: adding new inventory, editing product profiles and setting reminders for when his products run low.  

  • Products: Add, remove or update products in inventory. When updating his inventory, Frank can even use the iPad’s camera to take a picture of the product and scan the barcode. 
  • Favourites: He has also used a “Favourites” tool to quickly access the most popular products.  For Frank’s shop, this would be the Monopoly.  He is placing new orders twice a week for it, and sells at least one set every day in the summer months.


Customer Profile Management

Frank wants to engage on an individual level with his customers whenever possible. So knowing the most about them helps him achieve this goal. The Customer Profile module allows him to create customer profiles to gain insights into buying trends.  Pertinent information about his customers such as email address, phone number, birthdate, and recent purchases can all be recorded.

Frank has also included this database with his email marketing efforts and sends sales and promotion notifications to customers who want to be notified. 

Bonus: He has an ongoing birthday promo that gives his customers 25% off during the month they were born!


Wrap it up

At the end of his day, Frank checks his inventory levels again, cashes-out, and locks his iPad before locking his door.

Other Tasks

Behind the scenes, the PAYD Pro Plus app keeps going:  Inventory is automatically updated with purchases and dashboards are automated, providing Frank with a view of his sales, business trends, averages and totals over a given period of time. 

Some examples of reports that Frank can immediately access include:

  • Current Totals Summary
  • Current Totals Details
  • Employee Daily Transactions.

Other tasks are also streamlined with the help of the app, including processing returns, chargebacks and cashing-out procedures.  Better yet, most of Frank’s employees require, very little training to familiarize themselves with the mobile POS solution or other functionality as they are all familiar with iPad technology.

Initially purchased as a flexible way of handling sales in his place of business, the mobile POS solution from Moneris (including the app) has given Frank the ability to streamline and manage his business all from his iPad. He can also check the news and his Facebook account like non-business users.   

To learn more about Moneris’ PAYD Pro Plus mobile point-of-sale solution, click here.

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