Customers Call for Real-time Payments

March 22, 2015

Businesses looking to increase customer loyalty should turn to real-time payment processing options. Clients want to manage their funds and purchase products or services at their own convenience, and they expect financial institutions and companies to have the technology to offer real-time payments. 

A recent study showed that people are aware of the timing of their bank and payment transactions and would prefer that there was a quicker method to assist their needs. Consumers are willing to pay for immediacy with their purchasing methods, meaning companies can capitalize on specific buying trends to garner a more loyal consumer base. The study pointed to customers' desires to have fast transactions, especially if transferring funds abroad.

The need for real-time processes is an opportunity for banks and stores to gain loyal customers and long-lasting supporters. The trends revolving around payment processing are constantly changing, and customers are always looking for ways to make their transactions more immediate and convenient. The businesses that can offer those kinds of services will be the ones to get ahead in this economy.

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