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July 12, 2016


Summer is officially here! And with the new season comes exciting new updates for PAYD Pro PlusTM  that can help save you time cashing out transactions, generating reports or adding product information – giving you some extra time to enjoy the summer sun.

Check out the newest features below that will be available on July 13th.

If you use PAYD Pro Plus Mobile Solution, download the latest version of the App here on July 13th.

If you use PAYD Pro Plus In-Store Solution, the features will be ready for you to use once you log in on July 13th.

Note: You may be prompted to download a Java update when using the new PAYD Pro Plus In-Store features; simply follow the on screen prompts to do so. Remember to log onto your computer using an account with administrative rights so you are able to apply the Java updates.


1. Custom Amounts function (For Mobile)

The Custom Amounts function allows you to create custom products on-the-go. This is perfect for quickly cashing out products you haven’t had a chance to add to your inventory.

When processing a sale, you can now add a product that is not currently defined in your inventory by simply tapping the Custom Amount icon (payd-pro-amount-icon), entering the price, and then tapping the checkmark when finished. The non-inventory product is now added to the sale without you needing to input any additional information.


The new Custom Amounts function is located in the bottom right corner of the Favourites Group.


2. Dashboard enhancements (For Mobile and In-Store)

The Dashboard has been improved to display analytics and sales information more intuitively. For both the Top 3 Products and Customers sections, you can tap or hover over a portion of the pie chart to see the dollar amount for that slice. The total daily sales value has also been added to the top of the Dashboard screen so you can see your daily sales at a glance.



3. Enhancements to the Cash Out process (For Mobile and In-Store)

The updated Cash Out Totals report that was introduced in the last PAYD Pro Plus update will now be the default report that is used when reconciling your till. This will automatically display more information like Opening and Closing balances when you count your till. If you run the updated Cash Out Totals report from the reports menu, you will also now be able to select a date and time range to generate the report from.


4. Streamlined Customer and Product Popups (For Mobile)

The New Customer and New Product popups that appear when adding new product and customer profiles have been streamlined. Previously, each popup listed all fields in one form. To make it easier to view, both popups have been broken up into two separate tabs that can be swiped between using the familiar iPad® swipe gesture. The first tab includes all the mandatory fields when creating a new customer or product profile, while the second tab includes additional information fields that help round out the profiles. All previous fields are still available, but have been re-organized to improve the overall process flow when inputting information.


The required fields have also changed when adding new customer profiles. Instead of a phone number being the only required contact field, you can now choose to enter either a phone number or email address (or both) as the contact information for a customer profile.


5. Reporting enhancements (For Mobile and In-Store)

The Current Cash Totals and Cash Out Totals reports now include breakdowns for USD and Custom Payment types. Previously, if you accepted U.S. cash or a custom payment (like your own branded vouchers or loyalty cards), PAYD Pro Plus would count it all under cash. These reports now list out USD and Custom Payment amounts individually so you can better keep track of the funds you are receiving.

Additionally, for PAYD Pro Plus In-Store Solution, the Sales and Discounts report now splits up Manual Discounts and Transaction Discounts into separate columns. This will make it easy to track the type of discounts that are processed each day.


®IPAD is a trade-mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. TMPAYD PRO PLUS is a trade-mark of Moneris Solutions Corporation. All other marks or registered trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.

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