How to Get Your Business Ready for the Busy Holiday Season (Checklist)

October 18, 2017

The holidays are a busy time for businesses and shoppers alike, and it’s important to make sure you have exactly what your customers are looking for. Stocking up on your inventory is an important part of holiday preparedness, and so too is properly equipping your business to process customer payments once their gift choices have been made.

Consider the following tips to make sure you're payment ready for the holidays!

✔ Place Card Brand Signage in a Visible Area

Did you know 81% of shoppers look for signs that reveal what payment methods are accepted in a store? It’s incredibly important that you don’t leave your customers in the dark about what payment options are available. Place card brand signage in a visible area of your store, like the front window or at the checkout counter, so customers know all of the payment methods that you accept.

Stock Up on Paper

Paper receipts become incredibly valuable over the holiday season, as customers typically request gift receipts for their purchased items. Make sure you stock up on printer paper early on in the holiday season to avoid a shortage.

Troubleshoot Your Terminal

The holidays are the busiest shopping time of the year, so it’s important you take the correct precautions to ensure payments process smoothly. Take a few minutes to check that your terminals are running the most up-to-date software, and reinitialize them if necessary.

Offer Additional Training

Some businesses only train their management team on certain aspects of terminal use, like refunds or troubleshooting steps. During the midst of a rush, you don’t want to hold up the line while employees search for the only staff member that can process a refund. Make sure all your employees are trained on correct terminal use and troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary delays.

✔ Consider Adding to Your Terminal Count

During a rush, you want to make sure that customers can pay for their items quickly and easily. To help with line busting, consider adding more payment terminals to your checkout station. This could be in the form of wireless terminals that can be handed to customers, wired terminals set up at cashier stations, or even a mobile payment option like PAYD Pro to get your lines moving even faster.

Now that your business is ready for the busy holiday season, be sure to check out our blog: What to Expect During the 2017 Holiday Season.

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