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June 26, 2013 Moneris

Credit Card Fraud is something that concerns everyone and Moneris Solutions wants to provide the proper tools and information to prevent this from impacting you.  

Watch this short video and learn some quick tips on how to protect your POS equipment from fraudsters.


Physical Security

Protecting a POS device starts with physical security. Physical security helps to keep your device in sight and protected. Moneris suggests the following to assist in protecting POS devices:

  • Stand: The stand is secured to the counter and is locked down to keep the device in place.
  • Physical Tether: The tether allows the device to be handed to a cardholder to enter their PIN and for the POS to be stored under the counter. In the event the cable is cut during the theft of a device, the fraudster is less likely to return to install the tampered device as the cable will not be intact.
  • Security Seals: Security seals provide an added layer of security. The seals should be placed over seams (where the front and back cover meet) or over an access entry point. Any cuts through the seal or removal of the seal indicate the device may have been tampered with.

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Regular checks and things to look out for

Moneris Solutions recommends a layered approach to best protect POS devices. Here are a few things you can do to enhance the physical security we’ve suggested:

  • Routine Checks: Look for any signs of device tampering including: loose screws, suspicious scratches, damaged or cut cables
  • Video Cameras: Ensure your POS is captured by your surveillance equipment and review footage regularly
  • Suspicious Activity: Watch for suspicious activity including individuals loitering near an unattended device or individuals attempting to block an employee’s ability to see the device i.e. placing large items on the counter.

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