Moneris Celebrates Dads!

June 13, 2018

Being a father is a full time job, and the role can mean many things to many people. From dads who are there for their children from day one, to step dads who step into the shoes later on in a child’s life, fatherhood is an ever-changing responsibility. That’s why Father’s Day is so important, and why we’re making sure to celebrate extra hard this year.

Here at Moneris we’re lucky to be an organization filled with dads, from brand new dads to those so good at parenthood, they’ve basically mastered the job description! We spoke to fathers across the organization to learn more about their experiences with fatherhood, and their favourite Father’s Day memories.

Amer Matar, Chief Technology Officer

What was it like finding out you were going to be a dad?

A total surprise, the kid in me did not want to grow up. And it continued haha! My daughter did not want to be anywhere near me the first year but now we have such a strong bond. In contrast, my son would not let me out of his sight. His calling “dada” still echos in my mind today. 

James McGowan, Documentation Specialist

What has been your proudest moment as a dad?

I have several proud moments as a father, so it’s hard to narrow it down to a single instance. My daughter is an accomplished artist, and was accepted to an exclusive visual arts program at school; my son constantly impresses me with his polite manners and his compassion and empathy for people.

Marc Hollenberg, VP, CEx

What is your favorite Father’s Day memory? 

When my daughter was younger, she would create her own father’s day cards and it always included a drawn picture of her and I. Over the years, I evolved from looking like some kind of alien (she was 3) to some kind of Neanderthal (she was about 6).  Now I get hallmark cards, I preferred the earlier versions.

Russell Leffler, Technology Project & Relationship Manager

What is your favorite Father’s Day memory?

My favorite Father’s Day memory is when my step daughter told me that I should marry her father, so she could have two great fathers instead of just one. She said she loved me just as much as her father, and it was one of the most touching moments of my life! From our two foster boys, they actually bought a card and added the word “Foster” to it. It was a very nice gesture coming from them. We weren’t expecting it!

Victor Sherman, Manager, Learning Technology

What advice would you give to new or expectant fathers?

Enjoy every phase as it comes rather than looking too far ahead. Time passes so quickly! Cherish each day, and each memory you make with your kids. Take photos so you can relive those memories, but make sure not to overdo it. Try to be in the moment instead, so that you become a part of your children’s memories as well.

Ben Salvador-Watts, Director, Data Platforms, Technology

What advice would you give to new or expectant fathers? 

Do not get fussed or overwhelmed with the details. These little creatures do not care about which brand of car seat you buy, or what restaurant you take them to for their birthday. They just want you and your love. Focus on that first, the details will work themselves out.

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