Tap-and-Go: How Restaurants Can Accept Tip on Contactless Terminals


Canadians are tap-happy. Contactless, or tap-and-go, payments have grown significantly since 2015 and now account for 25 per cent of all transactions.

It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s safe. What’s not to love?

Until now, wait staff had a few gripes.  The speed and efficiency of tap-and-go payments didn’t inherently support tipping.  For eateries, contactless payments made paying the bill easier than ever before for diners – simply bring your card or mobile device near the terminal, approve the total, and you’re on your way.  Without the option to add a tip however, those without cash on hand may leave nothing for the wait staff that worked so hard to earn that money.

The Challenge

Traditional “tap-and-go” payments lets customers pay without the option for adding tip. In an increasingly cashless world, requiring customers to pay tip in cash soon had a dire consequence: they simply weren’t leaving anything.  Given tips usually account for a majority of their pay, wait staff were not excited about this new technology. 

The Solution

Payment solution providers have listened and new technology now permits tipping on tap in two ways: 

  • Basic model: allows the customer to input the desired monetary amount for a tip.
  • Enhanced model: offers standard percentage options for tip and the corresponding monetary value.  Customers can still choose to manually input a tip value if desired with the enhanced model.

It is predicted that 148 million consumers will be using contactless payments in 2016, further justifying the need for solutions that are flexible enough to support a variety of merchant needs. With improved solutions to ensure that customers and merchants (and their servers) are poised to realize benefits from contactless payments, the 148 million users should continue to grow.

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