The Cash Register of Today and Tomorrow

March 21, 2016


How do you imagine the future of running a store? Does it involve customers completing purchases in the blink of an eye? How about click and pick payments or even unattended terminals? Does the future mean checking store inventory remotely from your iPad? 

This isn’t the future; this is today’s reality – running your business anytime, anywhere, all with the swipe on your iPad. 

Running a business is complicated, so your cash register doesn’t need to be. It should be simple and adapt to your needs and your lifestyle. By moving to an iPad-based point-of-sale system, PAYD Pro Plus from Moneris becomes a huge entrepreneurial asset. It manages inventory and customer profiles – not to mention accepts both Interac Debit and credit card, right on your iPad. 

Here’s how PAYD Pro Plus from Moneris simplifies your future:

It’s mobile

PAYD Pro Plus is a mobile point-of-sale solution that accepts both Interact Debit and credit card payments, all from your iPad.

Your customers choose

Consumers are going cashless. Someday your business may not even need a cash register. PAYD Pro Plus lets customers pay how they want – including mobile payments like Apple Pay.

We have a snazzy kit

PAYD Pro Plus has optional Bluetooth-enabled printer and scanner, a wireless cash drawer for transactions and a swivel tablet stand.

Getting started is so easy it practically assembles itself.

And, if you want that extra help, we also offer on-site set-up of PAYD Pro Plus.

Download the app and join us in the future. It’s nice here. 

For more information about PAYD Pro Plus, the iPad-based Point of sale system from Moneris, visit

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