This Week in Payment News – April 1 to 5

April 5, 2019

We may have started this week with April Fools Day, but the headlines in the payments industry this week were no joke! From Walmart introducing voice-enabled shopping to RBC offering members pay bills with RBC Rewards points, it was an interesting week in the payments industry!

1. Walmart partners with Google on voice-enabled grocery shopping

Grocery shopping just got a little bit easier thanks to Walmart and Google! This week, Walmart introduced their plan to offer voice-enabled grocery shopping to challenge Amazon. Walmart Voice Order, a new voice-ordering system, works across Google Assistant-powered platforms such as smart speakers, displays, smartphones, smart watches, and more. The assistant will have a number of interesting features, such as the ability to reorder items based on order history, and informing the customer about items and price points!

2. Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Brings Biometric Authentication to Korean Airports

Biometric authentication is not just for contactless payments as we learned in this headline! Domestic travelers in South Korea will soon be ale to board planes by simply waving their hand. The Korea Airports Corporation as deployed Fujitu’s PalmSecure authentication system at airports across the country. This system is incredibly interesting, so make sure to check out this article!

3. Goodwill Wants to Take New Orders Right Out of Amazon's Hands

Goodwill is looking for a new way to turn customers away from retail giant Amazon and lead their attention to their second-hand options instead. Goodwill has partnered with to develop an internet browser add-on that will alert shoppers when a product they’re looking to buy is available on Goodwill’s website. Millennials and Generation Z shoppers are turning to sustainable clothing options at the quickest pace, so this solution might be just what younger shoppers are looking for!

4. RBC Customers Can Now Pay Bills with RBC Rewards Points

If you’re collecting RBC Rewards points, this news is for you! RBC has announced their new Pay Bills with Points system, which lets you do just that! Members can now use their RBC Rewards points to pay bills like internet, utility and phone bills. To learn more about this solution, make sure to check out the article above.

5. Microsoft may be targeting the e-commerce store hosting space

There may be a new player in the payments space! According to a new report, Microsoft may be readying an ecommerce online-store building platform that would compete head to head with current solutions like Shopify. Microsoft officials recently said that they’re seriously considering the option as their customers, particularly large ones, are asking for the capability. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see if this becomes a reality!

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