This Week in Payment News – August 13 to 17

August 16, 2018

Every week in the world of payments is an interesting one, but it’s rare that a week emerges with as obvious as a theme as this week did! This week in payments news took us on the road, with headlines about fuel purchasing, mobile commerce, and public transit.

1. Husky Unleashes New iPhone Application for Fuel Purchases, Rewards

 Husky is making it easier for iPhone users to pay for fuel and car washes without having to pay at the pump with their new myHusky app. The app not only makes fuel purchases similar, it comes with a variety of additional features to help drivers make their gas station visit as simple and rewarding as possible.

2. Drivers Are Ready To Engage In Commerce During Commutes

Would you consider shopping while in your car if the function was already there for you? According to a new report by PYMNTS, 83.2 per cent of us would! This latest report details some of the ways in which this form of mobile commerce will likely take place in the future, and how A.I promises to play a role in it.

3. How a challenger bank redesigned the credit card for the vertical era

Starling Bank, a mobile-only bank based out of the UK, is changing the way users look at their account cards – literally. Starling’s redesigned credit cards are flipped from landscape to portrait orientation. The reason for the change is simple, customers use their cards in portrait, so why not have them designed like that in the first palce? Make sure to look at the design in this article!

4. L.A. Metro Readies Launch of Multi-Purpose Mobility Payment Card

Riding on public transit in Los Angeles is about to get much simpler, no matter the vehicle you choose to use! L.A. Metro is taking a significant step with their public transit payment card known as TAPforce. Customers will not only be able to use their TAP cards on traditional public transit, but soon to be private transit companies like Uber and Lyft, and potentially even bike share programs in the future.

5. Fake calls from Visa: Thunder Bay police issue warning about new fraud scheme

We’re always keeping our eyes out for local fraud stories across the country, and this week hit close to home in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Some Thunder Bay residents are being called by someone saying they are a representative from Visa, and asking for specific credit information. Make sure to check out this article for more information about this fraud scheme.

If you’re interested in more of the top headlines in August, make sure to take a look at our recaps from August 6 to August 10 and July 30 to August 3.

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