This Week in Payment News - July 16 to July 20

July 20, 2018

How many industries can you think of off the top of your head that can connect sporting events, beauty purchase and charities together quite like the payments industry can?

This week’s payment headlines came from across the globe, and across multiple industries, giving us one of the most exciting weeks to recap in recent memory!

1. No more tickets? MLB fans will soon use fingerprints, facial recognition instead

If you’re tired of misplacing or forgetting to bring your tickets when you go to sports match, this news is definitely for you! Major League Baseball and CLEAR are partnering to bring biometric ticketing technology to ballparks, so that event-goers can use their fingerprint or facial recognition to become your ticket instead.

2. Contactless Technology Powers Fifty Percent of Purchases at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

The FIFA World Cup came to a momentous end last weekend, and France took home trophy. While France’s victory may not have been a shocking surprise, something that did surprise us was the usage of contactless technology during the event - 50% of all Visa purchases to be exact!

3. Cambridge rolls out contactless giving points for homeless charity

Cambridge city council has installed contactless terminals, allowing people to donate to the Cambridge Street Aid charity, providing support for the city’s homeless population. Now instead of having to rifle through their pockets or purse for spare change, Cambridge residents have a simple way to support their local community and make a difference.

4. Winnipeg eatery taking cash off the menu, patrons to pay with plastic

In payments news closer to home, more and more restaurants are taking cash off their menu. Winnipeg-based vegan restaurant Boon Burger announced Tuesday that they are only accepting payment by debit, credit or gift card, noting that other businesses operate effectively without cash, and they’re just a little bit ahead of the curve.

5. Payment card spending in Canada up 3.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2018

It would be hard to wrap up this week in payments without mentioning the news from Moneris this week. Our Q2 quarterly spend report was released on Thursday, highlighting a 3.3 per cent increase in spending in the second quarter across Canada, and other interesting spend related information!

If you’re interested in learning more about the recent developments in the world of payments, make sure to take a look at our recaps from July 9 to July 13 and July 2 to July 6.

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