This Week in Payment News – June 10 to 14

June 14, 2019

This week we’re taking a break from reporting on the rise in spending tied to the Toronto Raptors continued success to talk about new payment headlines from across the globe!

1. HonkMobile creates virtual parking meters that work with Apple Pay

A digital parking payment solution called HonkMobile is trying to change the way you pay for parking, with their new virtual parking meter app HonkTAP. The app uses NFC and Apple Pay to allow drivers to pay for parking with their phones by tapping an NFC tag near their parking spot.
If you’re interested in learning more about this interesting new app, make sure to check out this article!

2. Amazon Will Expand Its Cashless Stores

Amazon is looking to expand their cashless store empire, with experts predicting that Amazon would expand to up to 1,000 locations in the next 10 years. According to an Amazon VP, customers simply don’t like to waste time, and Amazon’s cashless stores are a simple solution, with no lines or checkouts to impede their shopping experience. With more and more cashless stores on the rise, the decision from such a large company to increase the amount of their own cashless stores just makes sense!

3. Sprott Invests In Gold-Backed Debit Card

Long gone are the days where precious metals ruled the payments space, or so we thought! One company in the United States is looking to bring gold back into the financial mainstream market once again. Fintech company Glint Pay announced that it raised £5 million in a private placement with a prominent precious metals firm, and this money will be used to expand Glints operations into the U.S. Make sure to read this article to learn more!

4. Amazon Launches 'Credit Builder' Rewards Card

This week it was announced that Amazon launched a new credit card specifically for those with bad credit. The Amazon Credit Builder has a number of interesting features that are specifically built to help those with bad credit repair their score, as well as features like no annual fees and protection from unauthorized charges. The card does come with a catch however, as it’s only able to make purchase from

If you’re curious about what else has been making the headlines in the payment industry, make sure to check out our recaps from June 3 to 7 and May 27 to 31.

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