This Week in Payment News - June 11 to June 15

June 14, 2018

It was a busy week in the payments industry, with news from across the globe about the shift in the ways people are choosing to pay.

Be it Apple Pay and Google Pay coming soon to your preferred airline, or ATM’s in Scotland becoming a distant memory, there’s been some interesting developments in the world of payments this week!

1. Apple Pay and Google Pay may come soon to airlines including Air Canada, WestJet

Tired of having to rely on physical credit cards when making payments while on a plane? Well then you might be in luck! It sounds like sooner rather than later contactless payment methods will be accepted on Canadian airlines like Air Canada and WestJet. 

2. Predictions On The Next Era Of Digital Retail

Online shopping seems like something we now can’t live without, but it wasn’t that long ago that retail giants like Amazon first opened up to online business – 1995 to be exact. The world of digital retail continues to grow and change daily, and Forbes published this week their predictions on where this industry will continue to grow.

3. More ATMs to shut as Scotland moves to cashless society

Do you remember the last time you ran to an ATM to quickly take out some cash? It sounds like not many people do in Scotland, where ATM’s are being shut down due to the expenses that come with the cash withdrawal, and the overall rise of a cashless society.

4. Canadian e-commerce companies increasingly taking their businesses in-store

It seems like more and more of our favourite retail businesses are opening up online stores to keep up with the speed of the digital world. But surprisingly, businesses that started in the world of ecommerce are now opening up brick-and-motor locations to keep up with demand. Some ever-growing Canadian businesses talk about these interesting changes in this recent in-depth article!

5. Mastercard Seeks Blockchain-Based Payment Verification Patent

Blockchain may be a term you’ve seen floating around the internet, but it seems as though Mastercard is taking the technology seriously! Mastercard has now filed more than 35 patents in blockchain technology, with some interesting plans on how they intend to use it.

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