This Week in Payment News – March 11 to 15

March 15, 2019

What a news week! From a new mobile app revolutionizing the world of hotel bookings, to “reverse ATMs” and even craft beer, this was a week in payments you don’t want to overlook!

1. Using Curated Mobile Apps—And Mobile Payments—To Book Hotel Rooms A New Way

Think about the last time you booked a hotel room, was it a similar experience to the time before? Or, when was the last time you noticed the process of booking a hotel room changed at all? Porter & Sail are looking to change this, developing a new technology that would be a one-stop shop for travel. This solution, in app format, would allow travelers to find and book hotel rooms, curate the details of their stay, and even find places to visit while there all within the platform.

2. Bank tests biometric cards to make contactless payments faster, more secure

A bank in the U.K will soon be testing biometric cards with fingerprint sensors. Similar to contactless payment methods like digital wallets, where the cardholder uses their fingerprint or a face scan to confirm their identity and confirm the payment, biometric cards have a built in fingerprint reader. These cards will not have the restriction of purchase amounts that typical contactless cards have, which in the U.K is only 30 British Pounds.

3. Less than 1 percent of fans use new 'reverse ATM machines' in Mercedes-Benz Stadium's cash-free debut

Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta became the first U.S sports stadium to move to a completely cashless transaction model this week, with no hiccups! To help ease customers to the cash-free system, “reverse ATM” machines were placed on each level of the stadium, where customers could deposit their cash and change in exchange for a universal debit card that works both in and outside of the stadium. But in their opening weekend only 1 per cent of fans decided to use the ATMs, and instead stuck to their own cards on hand.

4. How eCommerce Platforms Are Enabling Craft Beer Discovery

It’s not that often we see a headline that combines ecommerce and beer, so we couldn’t let this one go unnoticed! LocalBrews, a company in the U.S, is revolutionizing how people interact with the craft beer scene. By showcasing brewers stories on their website, and offering a beer of the month club, they’ve managed to tie together an ecommerce system with a beer education tool!

5. Select Manitoba Credit Unions Deploy Samsung Pay

Have you ever wanted to withdraw cash, just to realize that you don't have your actual debit card with you? If so, this news is for you! A Manitoba credit union is the first in Canada to launch Samsung Pay for completing transactions. This means that Samsung Pay users can utilize the technology to withdraw from their savings and chequing accounts and retailers, removing the need for their physical card on hand. 

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