This Week in Payment News – March 25 to 29

March 29, 2019

What an exciting week in the world of payments! We had so many headlines this week it was hard to narrow it down to the ones most impactful to the payments industry. From the newly announced Apple Card, to Google Pay’s growing reach, and even Domino’s making ordering pizza even more convenient, make sure to take a look at the headlines below!

1. Introducing Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple

There have been rumors in the payments world that Apple was working on developing their own credit card, it even made our recap on March 1. This week those rumors were laid to rest, as Apple officially announced Apple Card, a new kind of credit card that’s build right into the Apple Wallet app. Apple Card will be available in the US in the summer. There’s a lot of interesting features to this new credit card, which you can check out in their press release here!

2. eBay is adding support for Google Pay

eBay is adding to their payment option lineup, announcing this week their support for Google Pay. While noting that the younger generations of Millennials and Generation Z shoppers are showing preference to mobile and digital payments, Google Pay allows users to finalize their purchases without leaving the eBay platform. The rollout of this new option is said to be coming in April, for sellers that opt in this new payment experience.

3. You can soon order Domino's pizza from your car's touchscreen

Have you ever wanted to order a pizza that will appear at your door at the same time you arrive home? Well Dominos is making that dream come to life, as they announced this week their partnership with the Xevo to debut in-car ordering. Xevo technology is expected to come pre-loaded into many car infotainment systems sometime later this year, so you won’t have to wait too much longer to order a pizza from the comfort of your drivers seat!

4. Restaurant Brands CEO: Burger King’s $5 coffee subscription will help it win the breakfast wars

You can subscribe to streaming platforms, you can subscribe to subscription boxes, but would you subscribe to coffee? Burger King is attempting just that to move their position higher in the fast food breakfast war. For 5$ a month customers can go to any Burger King location every day to receive a coffee. Restaurant Brands International CEO Jose Gil hope the subscription should get customers to notice its recently overhauled breakfast menu, so we look forward to seeing if that’s the case!

5. Samsung Pay Network Expands with New Canadian Partnership

This week Samsung announced their partnership with the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) on behalf of the Canadian credit union sector. One of the 240 unit unions within this association, Steinbach Credit Union, is the first to introduce Interac Debit on Samsung Pay, joining an expansive list of partners!

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