This Week in Payment News – March 4 to 8

March 8, 2019

It’s finally March, which only means one thing in the world of payments, it’s fraud prevention month! This week in payments we saw a number of headlines and press releases from across the country about fraud prevention, but we kept the list down to a few of the most interesting, as well as some news coming from Marshalls and a review of Nordic consumers shopping habits!

1. Canada's top ten scams in 2018 include romance, tax schemes

Here on Moneris Insights we talk about fraud a lot, be it chargebacks, retail return fraud, or even our own fraud prevention tools.  But if you’ve ever wondered just why it’s so important to keep yourself protected from fraud, then a headline like this is definitely for you. The BBB released their annual list of the most common ways fraudsters target victims, and in 2018 romance scans and tax schemes came out on top. Make sure to check out this article to find out more of the top reasons, and how to protect yourself!

2. One in three Canadians falling victim to financial fraud: TD

Keeping with the theme of fraud, a recent study by TD highlighted that one third of Canadians are falling victim to financial fraud. There’s a number of reasons for this, such as keeping passwords stored on our phones or simply writing them down and losing them. No matter the reason, a significant amount of Canadians aren’t as protected from online fraud as they should be.

3. Marshalls To Launch E-Commerce Site For The First Time In 2019

The world of ecommerce businesses continue to grow, and one of the next major names in this space is about to be Marshalls! Marshalls plans to final take their business online this year, though they plan to make the assortment of items as different as possible, according to the CEO quoted in this article. Their sister store T.J.Maxx already has a growing ecommerce business, so the addition of an online business for Marshalls should also be a success!

4. Ecommerce in the Nordics: €21.9 billion in 2018

We can’t cover a week in payments without mentioning at least one international headline! This week an annual ecommerce report was released by Postnord, discussing Nordic consumers online shopping habits, and the revenue they brought in. Sweden had the highest proposition of online shoppers last year, with Denmark coming in second!

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