This Week in Payment News – November 12 to 16

November 16, 2018

Can you believe we're already halfway through November? The weeks are flying by so quickly, and the world of payments is churning out so many exciting headlines, we'll be deep into January news before we know it. This week we saw headlines from across the globe, from Toronto to Ukraine and even Thailand! 

1. Home of Toronto Maple Leafs & Raptors making move to cashless food and beverage stalls

If you’re planning to visit the newly renamed Scotiabank Arena in Toronto for a Maple Leafs or Raptors game in the future, you can leave your cash at home! Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Ltd (MLSE), first piloted cashless kiosks in June, and have reported that they’ve seen not only an increase in transactions, but an increase in how much customers are willing to spend. MLSE also reported that customers have been fairly receptive, so it sounds likely there will be less cash used at the Scotiabank Arena in the future!

2. Apps aim to help kids in cashless world

As Canadians advance towards a cashless society, gone are the days where parents had loose pocket change to donate to their children’s piggy banks. A British start up’s digital pocket money app is looking to change this, connecting kids 8 and up to an app that lets them use their allowance and chore money through contactless payment terminals. This app, called gohenry, is expanding into Canada and the U.S., which begs the question, would you let your child use it?

3. Going cashless: accepting coins and notes no longer worth it for US restaurants

The transition to cashless is slower south of the border, but in a new article by Bloomberg, restaurant owners are feeling the weight of accepting cash and coins. Citing cashier speed and consumer demand as top reasons, restaurant owners and executives are nothing that cashless transactions are helping ease some challenges that arise at businesses. Make sure to check out this article to find out more!

4. Kyiv's Metro Subway ticket offices to allow cashless payments from Nov 24

There’s no need to carry cash in Kyiv, Ukraine, for your transit needs, as cashless purchases are continuing to gain traction! Ticket offices in Kyiv’s metro system are setting up cashless payments starting November 24th, allowing passengers to put money on a subway card, or purchase individual tickets, without cash.

5. Mastercard and GARMIN Partner to Launch “GARMIN pay” to Expand ‘Wearable’ Contactless Payments in Thailand

Throughout the past few months in payments news, we’ve seen wearable contactless payments launch in countries across the globe, and this time they’re making headlines in Thailand. Mastercard and GARMIN have partnered to launch “GARMIN Pay” a contactless payment feature available for GARMIN smartwatches!

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