This Week in Payment News – October 1 to 5

What do you get when you combine student ID’s, law firms, and technology-using seniors? If you guessed some of the most popular headlines in the payments industry this week, you’d be right!

1. Apple enables student ID to Wallet for contactless payments and more

When we talk about card-based payments, we’re normally talking about the use of debit and credit cards, but who could forget their beloved student ID in college that paid for the meals? Not the minds at Apple, who announced this week that they’ve been working on a system to connect student ID cards to Apple Wallets to make contactless payments around campus!

2. Increased use of technology among seniors (French article)

There’s always headlines popping up about millennials and/or Gen Z and their adaptability, but this latest headline is an anomaly! About three in ten Quebec seniors (29%) made an online purchase in 2017, an increase of 11 per cent in four years. Along with the move to online shopping, the survey also showed that the majority of Quebec seniors believe that technology is helping to grow a sense of security at home.

3. Canada’s McLeod Law firm among the first to accept cryptocurrency for legal payment

Paying your lawyer just got a new age update, if your lawyer is at McLeod law that is. On Monday, McLeod Law announced that they will be the first to accept cryptocurrency for their clients comfortable enough with cryptocurrency. McLeod’s Fintech arm of their firm has been involved in numerous deals and projects including cryptocurrency, so the move to acceptance makes sense for the firm!

4. Ingenico joins Visa Ready for Transit programme

Ingenico, a producer of one of our most popular payment terminals, is joining Visa in their Visa Ready program to help public transport users with their payments. Ingenico is currently working on a seamless payment terminal system that integrates with ticketing systems to make it easier to pay for transit rides. Currently this is in progress for multiple metropolitan cities in Europe, but hopefully it makes its way across the pond!

5. Bank of Canada studying issues around a central bank digital currency

A senior Bank of Canada official says the central bank is looking into questions and issues surrounding the idea of the design of a digital currency. Though they do not currently recommend issuing digital currencies now, this is a sign that changes could be on the horizon. Make sure to learn more in this article!

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