This Week in Payment News – September 10 to 14

September 13, 2018

This week in payments we saw contactless payments become fashionable, two giant companies come together to enhance the B2B space, and a contactless payment technology landing in the Bahamas!

1. Visa Highlights Contactless Payments At New York Fashion Week

Wondering what the hottest trend will be at New York Fashion Week this year? Visa is hoping it’s contactless payments! Through their on-site experience at Fashion Week, consumers will be able to tap to pay with contactless cards and devices. Make sure to check out this article to find out more about this fashion-forward initiative!

2. Mastercard, Microsoft team up to automate payments

Mastercard and Microsoft have partnered to create Mastercard Track – a solution aiming to streamline and automate B2B payments. The platform will work with account-based, card-based and bank transfer payments, to help solve difficulties that currently exist in the B2B space. Take a look at the official press release here!

3. How tech is drawing shoppers back to bricks-and-mortar stores

We might have once thought that online shopping was going to be the end of physical retail stores, but that might not be the case after all. With less than 10% of total American retail sales happening online, this article discusses the importance of the other 90% of shopping that happens in stores, and how retailers are doing their best to make this in-store shopping experience outstanding.

4. Provider Plans 'Contactless' Digital Cash Service Launch

Island Pay, a mobile payment provider in the Bahamas, is bringing contactless transactions to locals and tourists alike. With a new offering called Contactless Companion Platform, consumers will be able to load money onto cards, fobs and other wearables that will allow them to make contactless payments.

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