Crystal Glass Sees Value in Moneris' Daily Reporting

March 22, 2015


How a daily reporting solutions play a key role in one company's back office operations. 

The Company
Founded in 1949, Crystal Glass Canada Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of glass for auto, residential and commercial uses including installation and repair. Crystal Glass has retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Montana, plus a wholesale division called Can-Am Auto Glass &aamp; Supplies. With annual sales in the millions and over 500 employees, the business certainly shows no sign of slowing down.

The Challenge
Vince Cerisano, an accountant with Crystal Glass, was unable to balance the company's books on a daily or weekly basis. Often, due to the amount of paperwork involved in manually reconciling sales receipts, refunds and returns, sales from any given month cannot be verified until halfway through the next month. To maintain a competitive position in the marketplace via reduced back office and point-of-sale costs while increasing profits and customer satisfaction, Crystal Glass needed a solution that would allow for daily reporting, verification, balancing and reconciliation.

The Solution, Merchant Direct
Crystal Glass' payment processor at the time did not provide a daily reporting solution they were comfortable with. After doing some research and comparing products, Vince Cerisano chose Merchant Direct - an online reporting and reconciliation business tool recommended by a Sales Consultant from Moneris Solutions Corporation - Canada's largest credit and debit card payment processor.

Merchant Direct is a valuable web-based reporting tool that allows businesses to view their credit and debit card payment activities on a daily basis while also providing business critical information such as:

  • Daily credit and debit card transaction information made available by 7:00 a.m. every business day
  • 24/7 access
  • Automatic consolidation of information through monthly sales summaries and transactional data, available by the third day of the next month
  • Extensive search capabilities by date, amount, invoice number, time, and transaction type
  • Easy back-end accounting integration capability to import spreadsheets, databases, and accounting packages - such as Excel, Access, and MYOB - for forecasting and trend analysis
  • Monthly reports from the past two years
  • Daily reports from the past three months

Once Crystal Glass began using Merchant Direct, the benefits to the business have been countless. Not only can Vince view all of the company's transactions whenever and wherever he likes, the accounting process is now simpler and more efficient. Customer service has also improved; if there is a problem with a sale, Crystal Glass can recognize it and bring it to the customer's attention immediately ensuring the situation is resolved and potential chargebacks are reduced or completely avoided. With Merchant Direct, the accounting department is able to provide centralized help desk support for other store locations, allowing clerks to look up an answer immediately rather than having to wait till month end - or longer. The final benefit is cost. Crystal Glass saves money while improving business processes with a cost-effective reporting solution.

Company Facts
Company Name: Crystal Glass Canada Ltd.
Location: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Montana
Industry: Manufacturing
Moneris Products: Merchant Direct

We have had a very good experience with Moneris. We had some doubts prior to having seen the features of Merchant Direct, but felt completely reassured once we had a complete overview. Credit card transactions are overtaking cash and cheques, and we want to ensure the information captured at the point-of-sale is correct. Verifying the debit and credit card sales versus the deposits to our bank account on a day-to-day basis is very important to our business. Merchant Direct provides our accounting department with a constant balancing tool, meaning we can now balance daily versus monthly. It's a very user-friendly reporting tool - not complex at all. The account and solution set-up process was simple; Moneris understood our needs and recommended a solution that benefits our organization - they're a good partner to do business with.

Vince Cerisano - Accountant, Crystal Glass 

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