Merchant Scoop: Delivering Dinner While Revolutionizing an Industry ft. foodora

August 22, 2018

The Moneris® Merchant Scoop Series takes a closer look at Canadian businesses who are thriving in an ever-changing business landscape. Learn about what it took to get their businesses off the ground and how they are maintaining their success.

Guest post by Matt Rice, Head of Marketing at foodora

foodora is an online food delivery service, founded in Berlin, Germany, and our mission is simple – bring good food into customers’ everyday. By taking advantage of innovative technologies, foodora’s Canadian branch is revolutionizing how hungry Canadians get any meal on their table.

International Beginnings

foodora was launched in Germany in October 2014, offering at-home eaters the ability to order from their favorite restaurants that traditionally didn’t deliver. The idea was a hit, and by September 2015, we were brought under the wing of our now parent company Delivery Hero, while still maintaining the foodora name.

foodora first entered the Canadian market in July 2015, after acquiring the Toronto-based food delivery service Hurrier. Six team members from Hurrier, and five new team members brought on by foodora, became the basis for their Canadian headquarters.

Business with Moneris

During the transitional phase from Hurrier to foodora, our team was tasked with finding a payment processor that would be able to fit our business needs immediately, and be able to grow with us in the future. Through a few initial discussions with the team, it became clear that Moneris was an obvious choice to consider, given some team members history with Moneris and knowledge of the company.

Moneris was selected to be the primary processor for the Canadian division of foodora, for a few specific reasons: the fees were competitive, the settlement times met our requirements, and we had faith in aligning with the brand. Ultimately, Moneris enables our business to run and work. We’re able to collect and then remit payment to our restaurant partners and our riders in a timely manner, and making sure that those payments are on time is incredibly important.

Differentiating in the Delivery Industry

The food service industry is already a competitive space, and delivery services even more so. foodora knows that this means we need to find unique ways to stand out from the crowd, in terms of both restaurant partners and services.

Branding and key messaging have been important pillars to make sure we’re differentiating ourselves in the market. foodora was founded with the idea that high-quality restaurant level food could and should be delivered, which has led to placing significant value in the relationships we build with restaurateurs. In the Canadian division of foodora, each restaurant is assigned an account manager that helps the business to optimize the menu, operation times, and any packaging issues to make their product delivery friendly. This ensures that both parties benefit from a valuable relationship, and restaurants can make the most out of their partnership with foodora.

In terms of branding, one of the most successful ways we’ve done this is by choosing pink as our brand colour. Pink visually pops no matter where it’s located, and as customers become more acquainted with the colour, they’re able to identify foodora pink wherever it is. You can visually spot foodora riders on the road, with pink jackets and backpacks, and our pink logo wherever it appears.

Another way of differentiating ourselves is how we try to incorporate foodora into our users’ daily life. foodora understood early on that no one is going to have 100% of their meals delivered, and that we needed to be able to interact with our customers in a different way. In 2017 foodora introduced a Pick-Up feature on our app to meet the needs of customers on-the-go. Users still have the same selection of restaurants and menu items, but they don’t need to wait or rely upon a delivery-person to get their meal.

A Nation-wide Expansion Plan

foodora knows that the potential for expansion is significant, and mobile ordering apps have only scratched the surface in terms of potential. There’s still a staggering amount of Canadian consumers who pick up the phone to order a meal, and it’s these consumers who will start to make the switch over to web and mobile based ordering. To support this upcoming expansion we’ve already expanded our Canadian team, which has gone from eight members to over 50 across this country. This means that decisions being made about the way consumers order meals are being made by Canadians, for Canadians.

foodora is beginning to expand into smaller suburban cities, first in Mississauga, Laval and Burnaby. This is just the start of a larger expansion plan that will make our services available to as many hungry Canadians as possible.

At the end of the day, the goal for foodora remains the same as it did when we first launched in Canada – get high quality food into the homes of Canadians, by providing a high quality delivery system. This means expansion in terms of regions, restaurant partners and software development, but we’re more than excited to take on the challenge.




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