Relationship with Moneris Solutions Reaches New ‘Peaks’

April 28, 2015


Business Needs

The Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine represents three different ski resort destinations in Alberta, Canada – Ski Sunshine, Ski Lake Louise, and Ski Norquay. This resort needed to streamline their POS and have one provider that could both resolve their issues and offer innovative solutions to enhance their business.

The Solution, One Source

Moneris Solutions provides a point-of-sale payment solution to all three in order to accommodate their needs of VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Debit transactions. The resorts have also secured Moneris’ wireless POS solution, as well as Merchant Direct, a web-based reporting service that enables the resorts to access their daily credit and debit transactions.

The Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine have recently adopted Moneris’ capabilities of providing one-stop payment support stemming from the four popular forms of electronic transactions - VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Debit. This has streamlined the process, meaning that everything is centralized rather than involving more than one organization.

“Prior to switching to Moneris, we had to call each credit card company individually to resolve any issues. Now we just make one call to Moneris who will sort it out for us,” said Tharnee Tongsrinark, Accounting Manager at Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine. “We also need only one bank account for all of our deposits, instead of different ones for each credit card provider.”

Mr. Tongsrinark also anticipates growth in the usage of the wireless payment solution the resorts have secured. He believes it offers guests a convenient payment option during convention time when there are lot of people roaming around who want to purchase lift passes. Instead of having to physically transfer and set up a whole computer, the wireless terminal allows customers to pay on the spot.

The Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine has also benefitted from Moneris’ Merchant Direct daily reporting system. The resorts use the daily online reports to reconcile the electronic transaction receipts that are remitted by their local sales force. These online reports verify that, in fact, all of the daily electronic transactions listed on the report are submitted in the form of physical transaction receipts.

“Before we joined Moneris, if we had any doubts or questions as to whether a transaction had actually gone through, we would have to phone each individual credit card company to get that information“, said Mr. Tongsrinark. “Sometimes it could take up to a week to get the answer we needed. Now we can get the answer right away, or the next day, from the convenient reports. This has definitely made the process more efficient and effective.”

This reporting system has also been customized to report transactions for each working shift. Previously, they received one large report representing all shifts. Now, they can analyze data specific to the various shifts the employees work.

Overall, The Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine is extremely satisfied with all of Moneris’ service.

“I’m really pleased with the help and service provided by our representative here in Calgary,” said Mr. Tongsrinark. "It has been a learning experience to adopt all of these new services, but Moneris has made sure they are here to support us whenever we need them.”

Company Facts
Company Name: The Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine 
Location: Alberta, Canada 
Industry: Sports/Recreation 
Moneris Products: Moneris POS Terminals, Wireless POS, Merchant Direct/online reporting

Before, we had to call each credit card provider to resolve any issues. Now we just call Moneris who will sort it out for us.

Tharnee Tongsrinark, Accounting Manager
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