Shop Talk: Toronto Chef Serves Up Hassle-Free Payments

July 20, 2016

Many would agree running a bustling restaurant is a perpetual balancing act between providing excellent food, drink, and customer service, and ensuring a consistent table turnover rate.  

Consider it the art of maximizing both your customers’ satisfaction—from when they’re first seated to when they pay their bill—and your ability to serve as many customers as possible.

Matt Blondin, chef and partner of OMAW in Toronto, has customer satisfaction and table turnover down to a science after years of experience in the industry. He understands fast and easy payment options, like those offered by Moneris, benefit not only his customers but also his business.



And sometimes a fast and painless bill payment makes all the difference—having to wait to pay at the end of an otherwise great meal can certainly taint the entire experience for a diner. It’s those kinds of moments that leave a lasting impression.

Reduce friction by switching to a wireless Moneris terminal so you can attend to your customers tableside, anywhere in the restaurant. And when you factor in how secure and reliable these transactions are, it’s definitely win-win.

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